Hair Salon



Expect to get a professional haircut, whether with scissors, razor, or clippers. 



Whether you need a root touch up, an all over color change, or you’d like to get back to your natural color we have the answer for you. Color can brighten your skin tone, bring out the color of your eyes, and make you look years younger. We have the technique, knowledge and professional products to do it. We can take you back to your natural color without damaging your hair. We also specialize in corrective coloring.


Ombre, Balayage, Color Melt:

These techniques brighten the hair and look like a very suttle highlighting focusing on the ends of your hair. There is no regrowth on your roots as it grows out. If you like natural hair this is the way to go. You won’t see any harsh lines. Color is melted together to blend your hair color perfectly. These techniques can be done with a variety of different colors.


Hi-Lites, Low-Lites: 

Whether you want to brighten up your hair or add some depth and dimension- hi-lites or low-lites are the way to go. Let us do a mix of hi-lites and low-lites for a multi-color look. 



If you’re looking for a head full of curls or a body wave to support your existing style, we do it all. Add fullness and body and get away from flat looking hair. We use only professional, top quality products.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment: 

Relax your natural curls. Takes up to 75% of your fizz out while still maintaining your beautiful curls. Keratin treatments will smooth your hair and leave it shiny and smooth. Locks in color and seals in split ends for healthier looking hair. 



There are many types of re-conditioners to repair damaged hair. Whether you want to add protein, shine, or silkiness to your hair-your stylist will personally mix up a customized cocktail of products that will be best on your hair. These professional products will actually go into the hair shaft and replace the proteins and moisture that was lost due to the damage.  When put under the dryer your cuticle layer of your hair is being opened and conditioner is being penetrated into your hair- internally repairing your hair. These products should not be mistaken as a conditioner, which mainly softens and detangles the hair, and is usually used at home. Treatments are necessary to keep your hair in optimum condition.


Do you know someone that can’t wash their own hair due to surgery, injury, etc.? Have them call us to make an appointment and we will gladly do it for a minimal charge, or have them make an appointment for a blow dry only. The shampoo is automatically included.


Consultations are at no charge. Call to schedule ahead!