Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t forget your hands! Our hand treatments will make your hands and nails more appealing. 

Nail care offering Acrylics, Gel polish, Dip Color, Ombre nails, Artistic Flourishes,  Manicures, and Pedicures. We use top quality products, guaranteed to make your hands, nails and feet feel and look great! Services offered for both men and women. 

Nail Acrylics: 

Improve the look of your hands for a professional look. Nail polish stays on acrylics longer. Acrylics can help improve problem nails that tend to crack, turn up, or turn down.

Gel Polish:

Better than just nail polish. Stays on your nails for up to 2 weeks and is very natural looking.

Dip Color:

New powder colors. Strong like acrylics but wont damage your natural nails. Offered in ombre or solid colors. Stays on your nails until you take it off.


We use top quality products for your cuticles oils and lotions for your hands. 


Pedicures are a good way to keep your toe nails trimmed and also softening those heels that tend to get dry and rough in winter or summer weather.