Patty Hardy- Salon Owner/Hair Stylist

Patty has been at The Best Little Hair House for 25 years and has owned the salon for 14 years. Her favorite part of hair styling is color and haircuts. She loves making people look beautiful and feel special. Patty has enjoyed each and every one of her clients over the years and has made a real connection with them. She believes in “paying it forward” and volunteers at Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House cutting and shaving heads when the need arrives. She also does free haircuts for Locks Of Love and sells Godiva Secret Wigs for those ladies who need a little help on top or just for fun. Helping people who are less fortunate gives her a sense of gratitude. She loves working at the salon and the gals who work here with her, together they have created many happy memories.






Experience: 30+ Years

Favorite Hairstyle: Mine!

Joyce Murphy- Receptionist/Salon Manager

Joyce has been at the salon for 4 years. She is a busy girl who also juggles two other jobs. One as a Mary Kay beauty consultant and the other as a personal assistant at Bridal Premiere. Prior to the Salon, she was in the medical field for 12 years and finds the salon a fun and inviting place to work.


Kyleigh Gilbert- Receptionist

Kyleigh is the newest and youngest member of our team, but don’t let her age fool you.  She is a member of leadership in school. She is happy and willing to help you schedule your appointments. Kyleigh and her whole family are long time clients of The Best Little Hair House.  She is a fashion forward thinker and has her thumb on the pulse of fashion trends. Welcome Kyleigh!

Lorraine Langlois- Hair Stylist








Lorraine has been a hair dresser for 14 years, 11 of them at spent working at The Best Little Hair House. She is a certified Redken hair colorist and stylist. Lorraine also works at the Simi Valley Adult School of Cosmetology as an instructor teaching our future hairdressers the art of hair. Her favorite part of hairdressing is the connection and relationships she gets to make with her clients. She’s constantly staying up to date by taking advance education classes in the latest hair techniques.

Instagram: @msldoeshair

Experience: 16 yrs

Favorite Hairstyle : Classic Contemporary!


Loretta Gavin- Hair Stylist








Loretta was originally licensed in England and transferred her cosmetologist license to America. She has been doing hair for 30+ years. Her favorite part about her job is people, people, people. She loves getting to meet different types of people, different ethnicities and religions. She says getting to work with the same people everyday would bore her, she loves that it is something new everyday. Loretta enjoys being her own boss. She is our resident artist and has a love for art which transfers into being very color creative.

Experience : 30+ yrs

Favorite Hairstyle : Short and funky and artsy!

Jen Babcock- Hair Stylist

Jen Babcock has been in the hair business for 20+ years. She specializes in weaves, highlights, and color. Jen has flexible hours on Thursdays and Fridays- she also works on Sundays for your convenience.

Experience : 25+ yrs

Favorite Hairstyle : Highlights and lowlights!


Sharon Zimmer- Hair Stylist



Sharon Zimmer has been a staple at The Best Little Hair House for over 25 years. She refers to her clients as friends and loves the instant gratification of making them look and feel beautiful! She is the resident actress, so although she loves it, she splits her time between both worlds- Her motto- ” Only Those Who Reach Can a Touch The Stars!


Intsagram: @sharonzimmer

Experience : Over 25 yrs

Favorite Hairstyle : Soft and natural!

Gayane (Gigi) Gofman- Hair Stylist


Gayane (G iGi) has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years as a Hair Stylist and a
Professional Makeup Artist. She also runs her own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty
She loves to make people feel beautiful and more confident. “I love my job and my clients. It is
the best feeling in the world to know that you can boost someone’s self-esteem and make that
person a little happier.” She Loves to do Hair Extensions, color, highlights, haircuts and special
occasion hairdos. She does free haircuts for Locks Of Love.

Instagram: @burguy78

Experience: 7+ Years

Favorite Hairstyle: Balayage with long layers


Lisa Fils – Hair Stylist

Instagram: @hairbylisamariefils


Favorite Hairstyle:

Celeste Primo-Johnston- Manicurist

Celeste’s favorite part about this job is the relationships she’s developed throughout the years with her clients. She loves getting to know them and their families…her clients become good friends. Celeste has been at The Best Little Hair House for 9 years and she has been a manicurist for 35 whole years! She specializes in pedicures, manicures, gel nails, and acrylics. If you want to come to a salon where you can have a good relationship with your manicurist and want to sit down and relax for your full service- this is the place for you!

Experience : 35+ yrs


Beverly Nguyen – Manicurist


Beverly’s favorite part about this job is meeting new people and building relationships. She loves getting to know them. Beverly is new to  The Best Little Hair House but she has been a manicurist for over 36  years! She loves doing acrylic nails and new dip powder colors.  She enjoys letting her artistic side flow creating flourishes, flowers, polka dots and ombre effects.   Beverly can do it all -acrylics, dip color, pedicures, manicures, and gel nails!


Experience:: 36+ Years

Crystal Messi- Lash Extensions

IMG_2137_1IMG_21751IMG_1484 (1)


Crystal’s favorite part of the job is helping women feel and look beautiful.  She’s been a licensed Esthetician for over 20 years, working as a makeup artist and skincare specialist for over 15 years.  Crystal is obsessed with the beauty industry.  She got lash certified in July 2020 and is getting certified in Henna brow, brow lamination. and lash lifts.  Also, Hylaron plumping pen and chemical peels will be available soon.  Crystal is constantly taking advanced educational courses to offer her clients the highest level of services available.


Instagram: @irrestibleesthetics

Experience: 20+ Years